Taxonomy Tiles for Outlook: Simplified Email Management

Manually or automatically upload emails and attachments from Outlook® to Microsoft 365 without having to navigate to SharePoint pages or Microsoft Teams channels

Taxonomy Tiles for Outlook® enables users to upload email and attachments from Outlook® desktop to SharePoint Online without having to navigate to SharePoint pages or Microsoft Teams channels.  Email and attachments that are dropped onto a Tile are assigned the specified Content Type and default metadata. Tiles can also be configured to monitor a user’s Inbox and upload items that match specific criterion automatically.

Tiles can be configured by individual end users or in the Tile Gallery, which enables Administrators to configure and assign Tiles to specific Users, or to SharePoint and/or Active Directory Security Groups. Tiles from the Gallery are automatically deployed to Users’ Outlook desktop and can be marked as required, which means users cannot modify or delete them.

Taxonomy Tiles for Outlook is licensed as an annual subscription and priced based on the number user desktops the product is installed on.

To have a quote emailed to you, please select the number of users in the slider below and then click the Request a Quote button at the bottom.

Smallest Org icon
Smallest Org
50 Users
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Very Small Org
100 Users
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Small Org
500 Users
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Medium Org
1,000 Users
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Med/Large Org
1,500 Users
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Large Org
2,500 Users
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Extra-Large Org
5,000 Users
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Small Enterprise Org
7,500 Users
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Enterprise Org
10,000 Users

Please contact us for pricing if your user count is higher than those shown above or you have any questions.

How it works:

infographic diagram of Taxonomy Tiles for Outlook