Taxonomy Tiles

Enable Site Owners to place Tiles on pages and configure them to apply a specific Content Type, default metadata, and a destination library for documents dropped onto them

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Taxonomy Tiles® for SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams is one of three components in the User Adoption Package. Taxonomy Tiles enables Site Owners to place Tiles on pages and configure them to apply a specific Content Type and default metadata to the documents dropped onto them. Case files or records are also supported enabling a user to both classify documents and associate them with a particular case (e.g. a specific Employee Record).

Each Tile's destination document library is configurable so that, while the Tiles may all be on one page, the documents dropped onto them can be distributed to different document libraries and/or sites. Taxonomy Tiles® are intuitive to use and significantly improve search, workflow, and document and records management.

The Taxonomy Tiles component is part of the User Adoption Package, which also includes the Advanced Search and Folksonomy Capture components.

The User Adoption Package is licensed as an annual subscription and priced based on the number of Microsoft 365 Users. To have a quote emailed to you, please select the number of users in the slider below and then click the Request a Quote button at the bottom.

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100 Users
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500 Users
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1,000 Users
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1,500 Users
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2,500 Users
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5,000 Users
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7,500 Users
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10,000 Users

Please contact us for pricing if your user count is higher than those shown above or you have any questions.

How it works:

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