Support Services

Support and ongoing implementation services including break/fix support, system health-checks, envisioning, design, planning, feature/solution development, training, etc.

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Microsoft 365 Support Service Contracts for 3, 6, or 12-months with varying number of hours per month can be used for anything we offer, such as:

  • Break/Fix support
  • Training and Virtual Workshops
  • Solution planning and design
  • Feature/solution implementation
  • SharePoint migration/upgrade
  • Taxonomy enhancements and search optimization
  • Governance planning and implementation
  • System health-checks and tuning
  • Content Migration planning and assistance

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Support Contracts are for 3, 6, or 12-months for a fixed number of hours to be used and billed each month. The services provided can include support, planning, design, implementation, training, etc., literally anything we do!

12-Month Minimum icon
12-Month Minimum
120 Hours
12-Month Premium icon
12-Month Premium
480 Hours
12-Month Standard icon
12-Month Standard
240 Hours
3-Month Minimum icon
3-Month Minimum
30 Hours
3-Month Premium icon
3-Month Premium
120 Hours
3-Month Standard icon
3-Month Standard
60 Hours
6-Month Minimum icon
6-Month Minimum
60 Hours
6-Month Premium icon
6-Month Premium
240 Hours
6-Month Standard icon
6-Month Standard
120 Hours

Please contact us if you have questions about the scope of our Support Services.