Public Access Portal

Provide public, anonymous, website access to designated documents in Microsoft 365 and/or use the request management system to track manual document requests

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The Public Access Portal enables organizations to expose designated documents that reside in Microsoft 365 to the organization’s public web site. Use cases for the portal include Permitting, Public Records Requests, Financial Reporting for publicly traded companies, etc.

The Portal includes two components, a configurable search form, that is deployed the organization’s IIS, Apache, or Nginx public web site and an internal application used to track and address manual document requests. The external facing form is configured to support search criteria that aligns with the taxonomy (i.e. Content Types and metadata) that exists in Microsoft 365. Documents that meet the search criteria (e.g. all permits that are designated for public viewing) are available for viewing and download by the anonymous website visitor.

If the search does not return the expected documents, the website visitor can create a manual request for documents. The manual request is added to a SharePoint List or submitted to a Power Automate flow for more complex processing.

The Public Access Portal product is licensed as an annual subscription and priced based on the number of website pages the public-facing component of the solution is deployed to.

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Please contact us for pricing if the number of webpages you want to use the product on is higher than those shown above or you have any questions.

How it works:

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