Multilingual for M365

Fill the gaps in Microsoft 365's built-in translation features by defining pre-translated content, which results in a natural language translation based on the user’s locale setting

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On the fly language translation is flawed and often results in awkward wording. Our Multilingual component for Microsoft 365 (M365) product enables customers to pre-define translations for elements in M365 that are not innately translated by Microsoft. This results in an authentic and natural language translation that is rendered based on the user’s locale setting.

Translation is supported for Site, Library, List, View, Content Type, and Column names and descriptions, and other content such as the Text, News, and Document Library webparts. Our solution also includes the ability to render different pages based on the user’s preferred language. Translations are configured using a Webpart and/or an Excel workbook applied using our localization deployment utility. When used in combination with M365’s built-in localization features, M365 applications (e.g. an intranet) can be made completely multilingual.

Our Multilingual for Microsoft 365 product is licensed as an annual subscription and priced based on the number of Microsoft 365 Users.

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