Content Management System: Power Pages site for Dynamic Web Applications

Use our CMS for public-facing websites and other web-based, data-driven applications such as Asset, Inventory, Lab, Lease/Land, and Student/Course Management

Our Content Management System (CMS) is a comprehensive solution that uses a Power Apps Portal, the Microsoft Dataverse, and optionally Dynamics 365 as the foundation for modern websites and other data-driven applications.

Microsoft Power Apps Portals, together with the Microsoft Dataverse, represent a state-of-the-art, cloud-based, CMS, which can be used to power modern websites, customer and partner portals, and for any data-driven application such as asset, inventory, property, and grant management. Because Microsoft hosts these environments, system availability, security, and scalability are guaranteed as is integration with other Microsoft technologies such as Active Directory, SharePoint Online, Power Automate, and Dynamics 365.

Our CMS product includes a utility to import your current website and chose the content you want to import. Non-technical staff can then delete, update, and add content using data input screens and a simple content editor, versus having to edit the raw HTML and CSS. Content activation can include approval and other workflows, and can be scheduled.


Our Content Management System product is licensed as an annual subscription and priced based on the number of of tables used in the Microsoft Dataverse. A table is used for each data-driven "entity" you want to manage. Examples are office locations, staff, news, job postings, events, partners, etc.

To have a quote emailed to you, please select the approximate number of tables/entities you think you will need in the slider below and then click the Request a Quote button at the bottom.

Small Org icon
Small Org
5 Tables
Medium Org icon
Medium Org
10 Tables
Med/Large Org icon
Med/Large Org
15 Tables
Large Org icon
Large Org
20 Tables
Small Enterprise Org icon
Small Enterprise Org
30 Tables
Enterprise Org icon
Enterprise Org
50 Tables
Large Enterprise Org icon
Large Enterprise Org
75 Tables
Very Large Enterprise Org icon
Very Large Enterprise Org
100 Tables

Please contact us if you are unsure how many tables you will need.