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Our products enhance the functionality, efficiency, and usability of Microsoft 365, and give you tools to design, plan, and estimate projects effectively

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Taxonomy Tiles logo

Taxonomy Tiles

Enable Site Owners to place Tiles on pages and configure them to apply a specific Content Type, default metadata, and a destination library for documents dropped onto them
Taxonomy Tiles for Outlook logo

Taxonomy Tiles for Outlook

Manually or automatically upload emails and attachments from Outlook® to Microsoft 365 without having to navigate to SharePoint pages or Microsoft Teams channels
Taxonomy Tiles for Windows logo

Taxonomy Tiles for Windows

A Windows App used to manually or automatically upload files or scan documents to Microsoft 365 without having to navigate to SharePoint pages or Microsoft Teams channels
Public Access Portal logo

Public Access Portal

Provide public, anonymous, website access to designated documents in Microsoft 365 and/or use the request management system to track manual document requests
Folksonomy Capture logo

Folksonomy Capture

Empower permitted users to capture searchable, user-defined, key/value pairs of metadata, without having to wait for the formal taxonomy to be fully implemented
Advanced Search logo

Advanced Search

Create saved searches in Microsoft 365 that render search results in tabular form, which enables users to refine results using metadata and download documents to a zip file
Content Management System logo

Content Management System

Use our CMS for public-facing websites and other web-based, data-driven applications such as Asset, Inventory, Lab, Lease/Land, and Student/Course Management
Multilingual for M365 logo

Multilingual for M365

Fill the gaps in Microsoft 365's built-in translation features by defining pre-translated content, which results in a natural language translation based on the user’s locale setting

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