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SharePoint Composer is a rich visualization, design, configuration, and documentation tool that will help you build SharePoint farms more quickly and properly than you've ever been able to before.  You will be able to quickly document existing SharePoint farms and integrate your documents into IT planning, governance, and change control documents.  You will be able to build SharePoint 2007 and 2010 farms in a fraction of the time previously possible through standard product installation wizards and built-in product management sites.  You will be able to easily visualize your farm and communicate the overall look of the servers, services, site collections, sites, and Active Directory accounts at a glance, as well as export these values to Microsoft Word for use in documentation.   Visit our site and download a trial version of SharePoint Composer for use with SharePoint Foundation 2010 today!

SharePoint Maestro is the companion tool to SharePoint Composer, which runs on your SharePoint servers.  Maestro takes the compositions built by Composer and puts them into action, building out your SharePoint farm with best practices based PowerShell scripts that use SharePoint's built-in PowerShell cmdlets in SharePoint 2010 (and stsadm in 2007).   Maestro will quickly build service accounts necessary for your farm in Active Directory, connect to your SQL Server instance for SharePoint, and produce a detailed execution log that can be saved as it builds your farm.  Maestro also offers the ability to attach to your existing SharePoint 2007 farms and crawl the content of those farms, producing a farm configuration file that can be imported back into SharePoint Composer for documentation and a rich view.